A word from the musical director

Rameau has always been my favorite composer, and the beauty of his works have always animated and inspired me since my childhood. Not only have his harpsichord pieces always interested me, but I have been perhaps even more intrigued by his orchestral and vocal works.

After a long journey conducting Rameau’s compositions with both specialized ensembles and symphonic orchestras, I have decided to launch an orchestra exclusively dedicated to Rameau, in order to be able to promote his unpublished works and create a meeting place for everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of French music.

This opportunity has been made possible thanks to the support of Sylvie Bouissou (CNRS), director of the complete Rameau edition (Opera omnia, distributed by Bärenreiter), the Nuits Musicales de Mazan, and the warm welcome by the City of Mazan (La Boiserie).

Did you know that most of Rameau’s descendants lived in Mazan?

Bruno Procopio