Much of Rameau’s music has yet to be discovered; several of his operas are still unpublished. The team at Opera omnia are currently preparing editions of several as of yet unpublished works specially chosen for the Rameau Youth Orchestra.

Program – 2021 Season
War and Peace

An orchestral suite imagined by Sylvie Bouissou and Bruno Procopio, with excerpts from Naïs, Dardanus, Castor et Pollux, Hippolyte et Aricie, Les Boréades, Platée as well as including several unpublished pieces.

Program – 2022 Season
Zéphire (1750) & Anacréon des Surprises de l’amour (1757).

Soloists – mixed choir (36 singers) – Rameau Youth Orchestra (50 musicians)

Important Information:

For students enrolled in the 5 partner conservatories, there is a dispensation from the pedagogical fees. Only a subscription to the association is obligatory.

For students enrolled in other music schools, the pedagogical fees and obligatory subscription cost €435. For the professional training and fee reimbursement by an employer (AFDAS), please contact us by e-mail.

For the participants who are accepted, lodging (host family/mobile home) is free, as well as breakfast and lunch. Any other type of lodging chosen by the candidates is at their own cost.

For more information, please check the registration page.

Orchestra disposition: 50 musicians
4 flutes (traverso /piccolo)
4 oboes
4 bassoons
1 trumpet
16 violins (8 first and 8 seconds)
6 violas (playing the parts of the hautes-contres and the tailles de violon)
11 cellos
1 contrabasse
2 harpsichords
1 percussionist