Internal rules and regulations

These internal rules and regulations apply to all members of the association Les Musiciens Navigateurs upon which the Academy depends; which has as vocation to promote artistic endeavors.

The objectives are the following:

  • Ensuring initiation into and discovery of Rameau’s music
  • Developing professional experience
  • Practicing ensemble repertoire and attending artistic workshops
  • Participating in the cultural life of the region.

Article 1 – Conditions – Rules – Reimbursements
The candidates have access to the Academy once they have paid the annual fee. All registration or re-registration is an engagement for the entire week of the Academy and only becomes effective once the registration form and payment of both the annual and registration fees have been received.

In case of a missed day or full withdrawal during the course of the Academy, no reimbursement will be possible. Only withdrawals due to force majeure (medical reasons) will be accepted.

Re-registrations are not automatic and re-registrations will take place at the end of the academy during the planned dates. Once the deadline for return of applications has passed, the spot cannot be guaranteed.

Article 2 – Re-registration process
Re-registrations are not automatic and re-registrations will take place at the end of the academy during the planned dates. Once the deadline for return of applications has passed, the spot cannot be guaranteed.

Article 3 – Application process for new candidates
The applications from new candidates will be handled on a dedicated page on the website. This process and the registration dates will be announced on the website as well. The number of spots is limited according to the capacity offered at the Academy. Past this number, a waitlist is established. In this case, priority will be given to candidates from the partner conservatories.

Article 4 – Insurance
The participants of the Academy must imperatively prove that they have personal liability insurance.

Article 5 – Organization of the rehearsals
All candidates must be present for the totality of the rehearsals at the Academy.

Article 6 – Attendance sheet
Each candidate must sign the attendance sheet.

Article 7 – Attendance
These artistic endeavors require a certain rigor and personal preparation. All candidates enrolled agree to follow rehearsals assiduously, with seriousness and motivation, and participate in the premiere performance and, when applicable, the concert tour.

Article 8 – Mutual respect
The rules for communal life within the association require mutual respect between people as well as of collective property. The proper functioning of the Academy relies on the behavior and conduct of each of its members.

Article 9 – Personal property
he Academy is in no way responsible for the damage or theft of the personal property of any participating individuals.

Article 10 – Use of pedagogical material
The pedagogical material cannot leave the premises of the Academy without a signed and authorized JOR loan request.

Article 11 – Administration
Any individual who changes address or phone number must advise the Academy of this change. All persons must respect the current prohibitions, notably those concerning security rules, smoking bans, pet bans or using cell phones during rehearsals.

Article 12 – Data agreement
The applicant gives express permission that data of a personal nature that concerns them, collected during the registration procedure for the Academy, will only be used for purposes of management of the organization. In application of the loi Informatique et Libertés du 6 janvier 1978, the Academy commits to not using data of a personal nature beyond the strict finality specified above.

The Academy also commits to neither treating data in ways incompatible with the purposes of the organization, nor to publish, divulge, or transmit information concerning the use of personal data without the consent of the applicant. Per application of the cited law, the applicant has a right to access, rectify or delete personal data with a simple written request.

All persons participating in the Academy will sign over their image rights (a form will be signed at the beginning of the Academy).

Article 13 – Responsibilites
Any damages caused to the spaces made available or on material belonging to the Academy engages individual responsibility.

Article 14 – Application of internal rules and regulations
No participant may be unaware of the internal rules and regulations of the Academy. Enrollment in the Academy acknowledges acceptance of the present rules.