Dates and Admissions Jury:

From 17 to 21 August 2023 at Festival Berlioz (Isère – France)

Applications due 14 May 2023:

  • registration form
  • Send your video and/or audio (about 12 minutes) by e-mail or wetransfer (

The jury will be formed by the principal faculty of the JOR as well as the conductor, Bruno Procopio. Confirmation of the candidacy is May 21th 2023.

Selection criteria:

  • Have a baroque instrument tuned to 415HZ
  • Be admitted by the JOR jury

Required level

  • In France: students enrolled at the CNSM in Paris and Lyon, students enrolled in CEPI or COP at a CRR
  • In Europe: students enrolled in higher-education music schools
  • Outside of Europe: students enrolled in university early music programs

You must be 18 years or older at the time of the session.

Other Conservatories and Music Schools (Europe and outside Europe)
Submission of a video (concert or recorded with post-production editing) or audio (concert or recorded with post-production editing) of one or two excerpts of a sonata or dance suite. We would like to hear you in a French program (non-obligatory).

Important Information:

The instrumentalists will receive the scores (separate parts as well as a score with basso continuo figures) 3 months before the production.

It is required that all participants totally master the score (including application of the bowings sent by the concert master, as well as mastery of the orchestral parts and the style).