Fill out the form below, which is obligatory for all participants.
Pass the audition organized by the partner conservatories (June 2021, date to be confirmed) or send your video and/or audio before July 2th 2021.
The response from the JOR will be given on July 16th 2021

More info :

  • After your candidacy has been confirmed on July 16th 2021, a confirmation email will be sent to you. You will receive a payment request online (subscription + pedagogical fees, if the candidate is not enrolled in a partner conservatory).
  • For students enrolled in the 5 partner conservatories, the pedagogical fees are not applied. Only the subscription fee to the association is obligatory (35€).
  • For students enrolled in other schools, the pedagogical fee + obligatory subscription is €435.

For the participants who are accepted, lodging (host family/mobile home) is free, as well as breakfast and lunch. Any other type of lodging chosen by the candidates is at their own cost.

  • The scores will be sent once the registration fee is paid – July 25th 2021 – with an access code.
  • For auditors, the participation fee is €150, lodging and meals at their cost. Contact us by e-mail
  • For the professional training, there is an option for employer-based funding from an OPCA *currently being indexed with the AFDAS. Contact us by e-mail

Registration form: