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A recording will be made by the team of the recording label Paraty and will be distributed by PIAS-Harmonia Mundi on digital platforms. This album, a world-premiere recorded interpretation of several unedited works of Rameau, will also be a formidable tool for the career development of these artists. The production process of this album will allow young musicians to better understand the challenges of the recording industry. The recording session as well as the final performance will be filmed by the team from Classiquenews.

The French record label Paraty Productions was founded by Bruno Procopio in 2006 to produce and promote classical recordings in innovative and groundbreaking ways for today’s market. Creating Paraty with a strong philosophical and artistic vision, Bruno Procopio’s goal has been to create a record label for the future based on new values and a fresh approach to the development of the industry.

Paraty, who celebrated their 270th release in 2020, accompanies more than 100 artists (orchestras, ensembles & soloists) throughout the entire process of creating their project; this includes conceptualization, financing, production, printing, promotion and distribution.

Paraty works closely with a highly qualified technical team including sound engineers like Aude-Marie Piloz, Cyrille Métivier, Laure Casenave, Aline Blondiau and Étienne Collard, as well as an entire team dedicated to digital communications and social media. The label also regularly works with various publicists such as Simon Strähle (Music ‘N Com), Véronique Furlan (Accent Tonique), Jean-Lin Frossard-Thomé and other renowned specialists.

Paraty has been a member of the Société Civile des Producteurs Phonographique (SCPP) since its founding. Thanks to their astute choices amongst their recording artists and other partners involved in the sector, Paraty Productions has been become a well-respected name on the classical music recording market. These efforts were additionally recognized by the Victoires de la Musique Classique in 2010 where the label was awarded the prize of Best Recording of the Year.