Patrick Bismuth, violin

The continuity and diversity ofhis personal history are reflected in Patrick Bismuth’s art of the violin : Improvisation,folk traditions, gypsy music areas much a part of his world and artistic life as Western classical music, and particularly the Baroque violin.

This rich tapestry of interests and experiences lends his playing of Classic, Romantic and Contemporary repertoire an unusual and arresting flair ; musical critics the world over laud his intensity, virtuosity and gripping stage presence as he turns eachconcert into a musical voyage of cathartic expression.

Patrick Bismuth was teacher of Baroque Violin at the National Superior Conservatory of Music from 1993 to 1998. His pedagogical skills are very much in demand, and he currently teaches his instrument at the Conservatories of Paris and Versailles, He conducts his ensemble La Tempesta and often plays with organist Louis Thiry, and singers James Bowman and Gerard Lesne.

He is also one of the founders of the Atlantis String Quartet on historical instruments, and composes for violin and other ensembles (“Unnuami”, 2001, Takannaaluk, a vocal and scenic piece in progress, after an genuine libretto written in Inuit language).